New pets : Aqua-Nac-Tips

* New pets


 This site is designed to give you more details of the tips to provide your pet companions and NAC. 

 Whether installing a reef aquarium at home , to adopt a rodent, a parrot, I'm here to steer your choice. 

 You intend to acquire a pet soon, I can direct you to the best choice for the well-being of your pet. 
 Having worked as responsible pet radius for several years, I know all the tricks to avoid and all the advice necessary for the well-being of your current and future companions. (Terrarium, aquarium, aviary). 
 Where to go? Who listen? How to buy? Tips, Tricks, biologists, maintenance, savings, shopping, good plan. When and where to go to a vet specializing ... 
 You hesitate for a living house requires time, responsibility, respect and your child presses you to buy a rat, hamster, dog, cat, or any other NAC (snake, turtle, lizard, amphibian ... ). 
 Saying No to the risk of hurting your child? Say yes but measure your yes and your purchase act vis-à-vis the partner, how to give him all the special care for his welfare. Well, I'm here for ... 
What are you doing? Resist or take the advice in the interest of your animals so that everyone is happy and this companion receives all due respect.

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